A Prayer, Please

My almost six year old son listens to Toby Mac incessantly. One of the songs I hear blaring from his room sings, 
"give me that funky Jesus music, give me that soulful gumbo."

I seriously need some Jesus Gumbo right now. I have not been passionate or moved in anything pertaining to my spirit in connection with God in too long. 
I'm not feeling dried up. He's very much here, present and involved. It's me who's lacking/slacking.

A couple of months ago time came and swept me up like a tide. And not that I'm less busy now, but I have time back again (if that makes any sense) and I just can't seem to get back "in it". You know?

I had great things rolling for a good stretch before summer. From Ann Voskamp and the gratitude project, to Walking with Him Wednesdays, to some really great books including "The Pursuit of God", to Compassion, to Women Living Well, to a proverbs 31 study which I devoured, to God Speaks, to reading all of your websites which meant SO much to me, to a James study... all right here in my home. 

Now, I'm looking out, ready, and I can't snag onto anything I remotely have a heart for. 

I should at least be DEEP in prayer, maybe even fasting right now for my family, my parents home front, my husbands work, my son's relationships, my coming FES daughter's travels and readied heart. Barb V, Dolly G, and even me. 
But I lay my hands on his deeply breathing chest in the morning and press out a few hard to find words in my half-sleep. I curl around my little one and squeak out the only thing that always comes to me when I ask anything for him -safety and health and that He will be planted deep down and soundly in his little heart, forever. Amen 

So, if you could help me if you are reading this: ask God to give me a gentle little nudge into what ever area of Him He has for me next. I want it so badly.
Pray that He gives me what it takes -motivation, fire, passion, inspiration... to get me in that water again.

If you have any ideas or are being moved by something you are in love with these days in Spirit, share it with me would you, please? 

Thanks so much for checking in on me. 
I hope that all is well with you.

Blessings and love, 


  1. Lora, I think I know exactly where you are at. Last year I had my ipod blaring with this sermon and this sermon when I was cleaning the house, running, mowing the lawn, you name it, I was in a Beth Moore bible study, I was reading all these words from women on these inspiring God given women on these blogs, blah, blah, blah....and all of the sudden, it all JUST became words and my fire was GONE!! No desire, burnt out! Like you said, not even any energy to pray.
    The Lord gave me a picture of going thru the desert but I looked and felt fulfilled. I think we can go thru these dry spells and have the Lord still close to us. I dropped all the stuff and began just listening to worship music only, reading my bible with no bible study agenda, and rested in Him.
    Eventually, I became hungry again. But, I have learned my lessson. Even though we have all of these amazing resources we still need to balance. That means God's word first and only, and worshipping Him.
    I hope I haven't taken too much of your time. I just heard you so clear in this and know where you are I think.
    Love, Marlece

  2. I think we all go through times like this. I have read a few books this summer that have challenged me. Crazy Love, Not a Fan, and The Christian Atheist. Just press into Him because He's waiting for you.

  3. Oh Lora, I have felt just like this at times. I know that prayer and scripture reading is a key; but sometimes even that has not helped. Last week I had a struggle on Sunday feeling the spirit and prayed for it; but it just didn't come until we attended a fireside and the speaker brought the spirit back into my soul. We are serving an Inner City Mission right now and it is so hard to see so many that are proverty stricken. I do know that when we are busy serving is a time I feel the best.
    Visit my site Living Waters by LeAnn @
    http://lgwilliams.blogspot.com. My post this week is on Happiness. Also, on the sidebar I started a blog for my missionary experiences called Serving in the Inner City; drop by.
    Blessings to you!

  4. I will keep you in prayer.


Your kind words are a blessing to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart.