Writing What's Right

I kind of always thought I blogged during my best days and years because I was happy at those times. 

Looking back, I'm beginning to see that my most joyful times have been when I've focussed on the positive, been grateful about my blessings, and seen my life as something worth keeping. All things that happen when I blog.

Over the years, this has been more than a creative outlet, a documentation, or a way to share our life with my friends and family. It has been an accountability to being in the moment, making the most of everyday, listening for and to God's voice, being thankful, finding riches in the small things, remembering to remember, and proving to myself that there is goodness in each step of the way. 

I've been gone for awhile now. And I need to come back from where I've been.
I don't know where in me I'm going to find what it takes, but it is time to start again ~ to write down what's right, and let the wrong go unaccounted for.