Down Time

It's been awhile since I've been here. I've been journaling and sketching more on my own, and I haven't really had any direction for this space. These are writings I will revisit and reread. I feel inspired and motivated in the right direction by what is here. I love that it reads back to me like someone else's words.

I will keep this place incase there is another season for it. But for now, I will continue the break.
Thanks for visiting.
See you soon.


Counting in Pictures #651-664

* the yellow roses from him
in the maple syrup jug from her
on the window i love

* a mango and a pear, straight up

* the view from my spot on a snowy day

* my favorite tea 

* a flower silhouette on the wall

* how we never leave a room 
without our colored pencil jar

* yellow

* the big sunny entry with that old bench,
the barn wood, shoes lined up in a row...

 * his heart, words, tenderness, arms,
kisses, love letters, strength and devotion, 
his blue eyes for me, and
the way he traces my world with his fingertips

* the morning when our bed looked
so cuddly the way we were the night before -
i didn't have the heart to make it

* always flowers

* mine in my kitchen -
her's in her kitchen
always reminds me of us

* our little house episode every night before 
he's off to "dream land"
and oh how we do recon pa knows best :)

* a big bowl of peanut butter and jelly