dreaming of her

My whole life is consumed by her, right now. Almost everything I do throughout the day is in preparation for our life with her, beginning so soon. 

Everything I mark on the calendar I dream of participating in with her.

When I think about going to the sentsy party at Dawn's, I can not wait for her to meet Dawn - for Dawn to meet her - for her to meet sentsy, chose one for her room, smell all the scents and decide which ones she loves.

When I think of going to Apple's class that first Thursday that she is here, I think of her riding in the front seat next to me on the way - seeing the puppy at her best, in working action - meeting Jeff and sitting with Zeek on the benches in class.

When I chop veggies for my weekly pico creation, I wonder if she'll sit across the island and tell me about her school day - if she'll want to chop with me - if she'll love pico and tortilla chips like I do - the ways she might make a change in what I throw together.

I go into her beautiful, pink, girly room and imagine her doing homework at her desk, or laying on her bed with her laptop, or picking out her outfit for a day out with her new family!!! :)

I CAN NOT STOP thinking every single thing with her in it.
The seasons, holidays, events, shows, music, car rides, Packer games, sunsets, evening walks, cooking, eating, movies, gatherings, bon-fires, showing her everything... every single last thing. With her.

Just FIVE more days! 
I am completely beside myself. 


  1. I am so excited for you to have a teenager in the house! It will be so fun! And for Zeek to feel what it is like to have a big sister. I can't wait to hear the stories and to meet her too!

  2. wow, where have I been, I need to go back and catch up! So exciting!!!

  3. Yes...please fill us in and keep us posted. I am in suspense! ~Theresa


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