Counting what Counts

I haven't found it from taking a pill. Not after a girls' night out or a deep house cleaning. I don't find it in a bottle or at the end of a fork. Not even in escaping far away in a good book or a morning massage. 

The only way I've been able to center myself with what is right and move forward with a better perspective has been to read God's Word and count what counts.  

Anytime that I stop and make an account of what is Good, I am changed for the better immediately. 

At the fresh starting place of this new year I am beginning again, to everyday live in gratitude to God for all that I have, in all things. 

Each week on Monday I'm going to sit down and type one of these lists here:

* aeropostale pajamas all day

* toys from one end of the house to the other

* the voices of my only child, his best friend, and our foreign exchange student all playing together

* fresh scentsy scents

* homeschool freedom and flexibility

* freshly purged and washed cabinets and fridge

* a happier, healthier, grain-free pug

* homemade cookies and ice cream

* laundry day and shows to watch for ironing

* pink cleated soft paws and no kitty surgery

* someone wonderful to dream with

* beautiful white snow covering dormant brown in waiting

* new and exciting beginnings

* God's provisions in ALL seasons of life

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