God Speaks

I sit down with His gift box in front of me. I can't even see what it is. 
I'm at a loss for what to write, what to share, how and where to dig out a lesson from my week. 

Does God turn away in disappointment that I'm too blind to see His present for me? Does he sit and wait for me to figure it out on my own? Does he storm off with my prize wishing I were only better at this?

No. God is SO incredible to meet me here so faithfully every Monday morning.And if I can't find the gift, if I can't wrap my hands around it and start to peel back the wrapping, He does it for me!?

It's amazing to watch Him unfold His beautiful Truth and lessons out of my week, right before my very eyes, flowing from Him through me, off my fingertips onto this computer screen. WOW. 

I only humbly put my own name to this.

My best camera took on a rainstorm 
from the hood of my Jeep a couple of weeks ago.

As much as I've wanted a new camera, I deeply hoped 
the water hadn't taken away the option of my frugality 
(that's the nice way we refer to my being utterly cheap).

But the effects were obvious, and the only solution 
seemed to be the purchasing of a new camera of its class. 

Mid-week, God had His say, and I cried
through an evening of strong conviction setting in.

Though affordable, this expense was not part of the plan. 
On the contrary, we have been in saving and preparing mode

Buying a replacement camera, in fact, would derailed 
a plan that God clearly set into motion in our household.

I called my husband who was out, and explained how I was feeling.
He agreed that we revert back to plan A: trusting and following our Guide.

The camera order was cancelled the next morning.

And the beauty is uncovered in the current consensus 
that my doused Nikon D80 has quite possibly never worked so well.

It's not that my camera was or wasn't affected or compromised by the water. It's not whether or not I was blessed with a supernatural camera healing...

See, when I fell in love with photography five years ago, all I knew was the Holy Spirit and a Fuji FinPix. Some How heavenly light was capturing beautiful life through a virgin eye and an uncertain, shaky shutter finger. 
I knew nothing about f-stop, aperture, white balance, ISO, metering...

Three and half years ago, I took matters into my own hands and "learned the ropes". 
Immediately afterward, I felt the union slipping away. I knew I'd put myself in the drivers seat, and as much as I begged, there was no turning back.

My only Peace in the tension was the understanding that it would just be a long ride before I would have another stop in which He would offer to trade seats again.

As disapointed as I was to have lost the connection, I knew He would be Faithful to grow me in this time. I knew that it would be worth every second alone behind the lens before our Chinese fire drill.

God is so good. He is so much fun. 
His passion and timing fills me to the brim.
And these such blessings follow every act of obedience.
Behind every test is a testimony in waiting! 

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  1. I'm so glad your camera was supernaturally healed! I understand the grief...I am just now falling in love with the same. Still learning about all that camera-y stuff. It has been a gift, though...seeing through the lens gives me new eyes to see the beauty of all the gifts.

  2. Beautiful post.. I am better for rading it! and beautiful photography. I love coming here.

  3. I love the power of God's Word. How it is always relevant to our life and situation.

    I am so thankful for God's provision, even when it's hard to not jump at "opportunities" that come our way. Way to go on sticking with the plan that you know God has for you! He will bless you beyond your imagination for your obedience!

  4. In time (not too far away) technology will have a better camera at a much better price and when you are ready, it will be ready for YOU.

  5. I love how this turned out...but so like God...to have you take that step of faithful obedience first...and then to find an extra gift of blessing around the corner. Not a guarantee...but just so so like Him in His love.
    Your photos are beautiful.

  6. You take beautiful pictures, and it was a beautiful story of God's gift to you. I know very little about photography, but love looking at pictures-they tell such a great story without even using words.

  7. Thank you for this post. It is what I needed to hear. I, too, have struggled with taking the reins in this photog journey and have made feeble attempts to give it back to God.

    This post blessed my heart!!!

  8. " . . . my doused Nikon D80 has quite possibly never worked so well."

    Love that. Love the photos. I just got a big girl camera. Still operating on auto. :)

  9. such a timely post-thank you, lora!
    (beautiful photos-wow!)

  10. It will be interesting to see how God honors your obedience.....because He will..the time limit is His, but the thankfulness can be ours, now.

  11. Lora, I found your blog through WFW at Internet Cafe Devotions. This post was really beautiful and I love the pictures. I'm now your newest follower. Many blessings!

  12. I love this! I love that you remained content with what you already have and that, seemingly, God blessed you because of it.

    Thanks for linking up with Scripture & a Snapshot this week!

  13. I love your photos and thank you so much for your insights in this post... I keep hanging on to an old camera. Thank you for the reminder to wait on Him.
    Happy Word Filled Wednesday!

  14. Your pictures are great !!! most of all GOD is AWESOME !!!! He blesses us so !!

  15. Wonderful reminder to wait on the Lord. He always knows best and is a great provider.

    Your photos are lovely.

  16. Beautiful, beautiful shots, and amazing reminder of God's love.

    Ohhhh, I'd love a real camera (said with a major tone of jealousy). I know, I know, wait and He will provide.

  17. Beautiful pictures and beautiful lesson, thanks!

  18. Oh what a beautiful testimony of the faithfulness of our God!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this. GREAT captures...


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