God Speaks... & sometimes there's more to come

Last year, I spent most of my days with a group of girlfriends.
We did everything together. Moms, with our little ones in tow.

We formed something sacred and special I will never forget.

Something that has since ended, leaving me still, shell-shocked
and content these days being on my own.

The wild turkey, 
who usually roam in pairs of females with their poults,
could be seen last year throughout the day, 
crossing our yard, drive and street. 

They roamed as a pack of five moms, with a total of 19 babies.
These were unusual numbers and caused 
quite the excitement in our neighborhood.

 I imagined this could only lead to another year of the same,
if not more.

This year, I can't help but feel the tinge of correlation
between myself and the only female turkey we've seen yet.
A single turkey (a new type of unusual)
who roams alone, day and night through our wood.

Our kindred nature draws me to her condition.
I wonder about her story. How she came to roam, alone. 

I wonder about how He will use this bird again 
when this perseverance has finished it's work in me.

And when I find a lone seed, half out of dirt,
the sprouting of new life from within brings Truth:

I do.

He fell in love with her~
the foster kittens' mama.

Who would have thought, those kittens
would not be the ones to steal his heart?

For as many times as he'd prayed 
to God for his very own cat, 
sorrow filled his heart when the time came to let go.

Days passed, and we visited the shelter where the kittens were
awaiting their adopting families, without their mama.
Their mama who was to be picked up by her rescuer, days earlier.

Much to our surprise, that mama cat was there!
She was hiding under a cage, 
scared, hurting from surgery, and lost.
Lost without her boy...

her boy, whose every dream of a forever cat

came true when we immediately adopted her 
and brought her home with us!

And lastly this week,
it turned out that this story, too, was not over 
when it first seemed that the door was closed.

The day after I wrote that post, I got a call from a web artist
who included me as the sole photographer for a commercial shoot 
in a bid he had placed, months prior.

After I had given him my quote for the job
I thought nothing more of it
I assumed by this time, someone else 
had gotten the contract. 

It turned out that not only did the guy get the contract, 
but we would need to schedule the photo shoot
within the month!

My profit from this opportunity would more than cover
half the cost of the kind of camera I would
now have to purchase to do this kind of work.

Combined with the profit I would make in
photographing a wedding the last weekend in May,
my dream camera would be well paid for!

And so...

my new baby.

What areas of your life are you waiting on God's 
good and perfect finishing touches?

Where are you celebrating the "more" that came
from what once seemed to have passed?

I love to read your stories! :)


  1. You have edited your pictures, so carefully, so thoughtfully. I love the scriptures. Well done. I found you through 1000 Gifts. :) Have a great day!

  2. beautiful post... I am workin gon my "more story" but not sure it has reached its ending yet...Love your new camera.. it is my fav! Congrats on the shoots

  3. beautiful post! Always interesting to see how God will use changing relationships to grow us. I always love your perspective, thanks for sharing ;)

  4. Always a gift to see how God provides in the lives of others... ;-) Bless you, and congratulations on your new Camera, that IS a gift! ;-) (stopped over from Ann's blog) ;-)

  5. Isn't God just so good??? I love answered prayers that end with a boy and "his" cat. Beautiful pictures.

  6. Oh, my goodness, so many layers here! The lone hen, the seed, the mamma kitty with a home in the arms of a boy (sniff)...and--yippee!--a new camera! Such wonderfulness makes me smile. Love to you, Lora. Hugs.

  7. This is absolutely moving!! I LOVE that you've shared the initial story and how God worked through those trials and that patience and trust in Him are always necessary and that He will tend His flock, if not always in the way we expect!

  8. just found your blog via life made lovely monday.
    lovely blog!!
    so glad i found it!!

  9. Once again, you've blown me away with your words!It's amazing to see God use an other wise "typical mom" to bring inspiration to our lives!Love it :)

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us! Congrats on the new camera! Loved seeing all the scripture in your different photos.

  11. Each one, just lovely. Thank you so much.

  12. Oh wow, what an amazing testimony!! Congrats to you!!

  13. I found you through Women Living Well. I am waiting for an answer to something that has been on my heart for some time. My husband is not there yet, so I will continue to seek God and wait...



  14. I love your photos...just beautiful!

  15. Oh Lora, how I heart a good boy and his cat story! You are so right, how long a little boy would fall in love my kitty and not the kittens – that is exceptional. And the way the Mama Kitty found a way back to the boy – I'm nearly speechless. I hearted this story – I hearted the way you will Scripture in between the lines. Thank you for this. Last week as we have been considering resurrection my story was about Laska love Kitty – my cat, and how he almost died last week. So you know I love a boy and his Kitty story – and I hearted this! God bless the boy and his forever cat and you and all of yours.and congratulations on your shiny new baby!

  16. I'm hopping from Welcome Wednesday and am a new follower!! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!! I have a Giveaway for DaySpring right now!!

  17. I really enjoyed reading your post today. The pictures were awesome and the thoughts worth pondering.
    Cute pictures of your son and loved the one with the boy and the pet.
    Blessings to you!

  18. I am so glad to have found your blog. I love the pictures and the encouraging insights. Blessings!

  19. Found you through simple pleasures and glad I did (now following)...You're story of the wild turkey and being "on your own" spoke to me. I know that feeling. And the scripture you used is encouraging to all who are in that same place. Blessings!

  20. What poetry..and what incredible transparency. I too find myself in the midst of a season waiting for what God has next...we too have walked with many for the past few years now to find that it has come to an end...what next...What encouragement and what a blessing to have wandered in...

    simply beautiful...

  21. thanks, lora! always an encouragement stopping by your blog! xo

  22. Visiting from Ann's. Beautiful pictures and great post about God's faithfulness. Blessings to you and yours.

  23. Beautiful simple pleasures post!!

  24. God knows all and supplies our every need...
    I hear you "Give thanks with a grateful heart." Jesus, is the lover of your soul...and ever present..
    My daughter Femia is also a photographer her in Australia. She does lots of Christian photography for churches, and weddings..
    Gods creation captured in Time. xxx

  25. Congrats on the new camera! Your stories and your blessings from God help to strengthen my faith and encourages me to move forward and think positive even when my "self" doesn't want to. Thank you for sharing, truely.


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