God Speaks

Last week was a little rough. 

My tiny guy was sick with strep throat and a fever. He stayed in my bed for three days straight...

Then, he got well and drove me crazy

I stressed out a little over some dental work I had done. I did not like the appearance of two front crowns I had done. Though I absolutely loved the temporaries I wore for 10 days, the permanent ones did not look like me. 

I have an appointment scheduled today to hear my options. 

I also took a personality test that my husband and I bought last weekend at a marriage seminar, and I did not like my results. 

We learned that this test has the potential of unlocking some important information about us that would not only help us deal with other people better, but also help us see and aim for the potential we truly have in God's plan for our lives. 

There are four countries you can be from; Control, Fun, Perfect, or Peace. I was excited to take the test. I just
knew I would be from control country. I couldn't wait for the validation. 

Instead, I got stamped as a native of "Perfect" country! And it nearly took me the whole week to feel okay about it... to see how this really is true, though often confused for controlling... and finally to laugh at myself a little as I recognize the crazy perfectionism type things that go through my mind in a day. 

I was desperate to receive His whispers and promises by the end of the week.  As always, God soothes my stress and turns my disappointment into gratitude:

I bought these tangelos, but  no body wanted them.
I couldn't figure out what to do with them,
but they were beautiful in the bowl.
So I waited and let them sit.

Passing time spurred an urgency to use them before it was too late...

As I was feeling useless and unwanted for anything worthy in the Kingdom,
I became more restless about finding purpose and direction for my life.
It took some time, but by the end of the week I had finally 
relinquished myself, my character, my "Perfectionism" 
back into the arms of my King.

Ready and willing to sit and wait. 

While these tangelos yielded us two mornings of
delicious, fresh squeezed juice that everyone wanted...

I know that God is great enough to see His plans for my life unfold 

into something of good use for His people. 

As I plead to God for a way out of myself,
this "gem" of perfectionism now sticking out at me like a sore thumb,
I turn the corner, reach for my coupon file and 
look down at this sweet sunlit message:

Laugh, girl!

All in this week amounts to great joy when the songs 
of my troubles sound a symphony of His
perfect plan for this life.

And tear streaked, I laugh grateful praises.

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. 
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. 
Plans to give you hope and a future."
~Jeremiah 29:11



  1. amen!! thank you-love all the scriptures. god is good! xo

  2. It is a battle to come to ourselves and then bring ourselves to the King of Kings knowing that what we offer is not what we wanted to bring. He loves us so much, and we suddenly realize, He already knew our gift would be the one we brought - our broken selves bowed in submission. Love your post.

  3. Those tangelos make me smack my lips for wanting! Such beauty here.

    And Lora? I am glad this journey has taken you to a place of beauty, but...just this: be gentle with yourself, ok? Putting a label on who we are has its advantages--we cannot fix something if we don't know what it's called. But...those labels never cover all of who we are. We are so much more...in Him we are SO much more.

    You bless.

  4. Your blog is stunningly beautiful. "All in this week amounts to great joy when the songs
    of my troubles sound a symphony of His
    perfect plan for this life." Amen!
    (would you take a poem as a link-up?)

  5. So good to read this, the scriptures really spoke to my soul as I too am a perfectionist.

  6. I'm visiting from the Soli Deo Sisterhood. This is great. I love when sometimes God puts the obvious right there for us to see ("Laugh").

  7. The seed of perfectionism is one that is rooted quite deeply inside of us.

    I also had to kill this seed and keep it from growing. I now accept all my imperfections. He doesn't see them...He only sees His Son! Amen.

    Mrs. M.

  8. This is such a beautiful post. What has stood out so clearly in my mind is the fact that the oranges ended up being used for something totally different than originally intended but their "calling" ended up being something that everyone wanted and enjoyed. I think God is saying something to me through this and I cannot wait to dive in and figure it out.

    So glad you linked up today, Lora. There is much fruit for many here today.

  9. Lora,
    I always enjoy seeing what you do with your photos. . .inspires me to pick up a camera.

  10. Wow, you did have a tough week. (sorry!). I used to work for a principal that prayed every morning in our teacher's meetings . . . that we would learn the truth about ourselves and the truth about God. It sounds like that was what your week was like . . . and it is bringing you freedom.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us.


  11. Love hanging out with your words and photos. Really beautiful.

  12. Glad I found your blog! We really need to take time to laugh at our idiosyncracies and not take ourselves too seriously! God has a sense of humor! Patsy from

  13. I love how you turned the tangelos into a beautiful photo with a verse about patience - how perfect! (Pun intended!) I will take your lessons to heart as they are so relevant to my life. Thank you!

    Visiting from Soli Deo Gloria

  14. All of us are perfectionists in one way or another. God has just opened your eyes to one of the traits that we all wrestle with. I love the way you turned the tangelos into juice. This is my first visit to your blog. My sis and I have created a new blog " Not Accidental Tuesdays" - come by for a visit.

  15. love that photo of the oranges. . .perfect lighting and the verse just fits!

  16. it was as if I walked with you through your week. Its ups and downs just like my own. How we can turn tangelos that no one wants into juice that others can drink..beautiful photos:)

  17. Bless your heart. What a week. Great words and awesome pictures too.

    Have a blessed Easter!

  18. I came from Ann's again. And - A native of perfect huh? It's a crowded country - filled with broken perfects. I prayed that this week would be better for you - although it's Wednesday now - so I'm thinking God can back it up a couple of days - retroactive prayer - I'm thinking he can do that. Thank you for this. I’m smiling. God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  19. Finding you through Tiffini's Word Women Wednesday...I too am a recovering perfectionist! There are parts of it that will remain, yet refined, so no longer is it perfectionism in the flesh, but excellence in life...

    Blessings on all you are learning!

  20. smiles. i would love a tangelo...and in time he will make you the juice for something i am sure...

  21. I love the time you took to unwrap this, even in your post, letting it sit like the tangelos until it ripened into joy.

  22. This was so uplifting. Thank you

  23. I love the bit about the personality test...not sure I want to know which one I'd be :)
    Thank you for this beautiful words that point us to a God who has a purpose for us, even when we can't see it in the midst of the strep throat, crowns, and unwanted fruit.
    His fruit.
    Is always better.

  24. Loved this! So excited to find you blog!

  25. "and tear-streaked, i laugh grateful praises."

    i am so moved by this, friend, as i can really relate... i think i'm a bit of a perfectionist too (sigh)... i love your photos (gorgeous) and the fact that you turned them into juice... so much here. you are a gift.

  26. so uplifting and beautiful today. Thank you.

  27. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I often get to reflecting on my life and wonder if I am doing the best I can do. Lately, I have been trying to look for the blessings that come and I have titled them tender mercies of the Lord. When I look for them; they are often found in the trial I am experiences. I also like the thought of the importance of being defined by Christ instead of what others may think.
    I will drop in again.
    Blessings to you!
    Check out my blog at Living Waters:

  28. I came by to thank you for your kind comment on my blog post, and found absolute riches in this story of "Tangelo Patience!" So thanks for that, too!
    (Your comment about offering hospitality reminds me of when I also learned something similar, which I mention in the post "Have You Finished Your Homework, MOM?" which I will link here!)


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