God Speaks

As my heart is opening up to the possibility that every act in life can be sacred,
He is leading the way deeper into the endlessness of His Grace and Blessings.

As I add this potential to my counting of all the simple beauty in the life around me

I discover that each finding is filled with His Kisses, Love Letters, and Lessons.
I become the child before the endless packages,
eager to unwrap and receive each gift unveiled.

In longing to form this into habit I make note:

A seed planted and spilled twice from loose soil, it seemed an impossible sprouting...

In this God displayed His power over the reality of this world. 
He shows the promise of planting a seed and completely walking away... 
trusting in Him to create the New Life.   

The heavy snow brought the tops of a row of evergreens low to the ground.

 And I said YES to driving up the road in the cold morning 
to capture the beautiful sight in sunlight.
I could almost hear the crying out to God,
 "All the earth bows down to You"
Psalm 66:4a

And later again, I receive the lesson through a photograph 
just before I nearly crop the unwanted road sign... 

This is the way. Just like this.

I receive footnotes through the orchids in my kitchen 
of lessons just learned the hard way.

The small petal-less one I purchased cheap and spitefully 
for my husband to "give" to me when I was angry with him 
for not letting me have my way.
It's dwarfing is clear, next to the beautiful, towering, blooming orchid that he
actually did purchased for me full-price when he later forgave me for being a brat.

God gently reminds me to trust my husband to Him.
That just as I am, he too is bought and paid for at full-price. 
That staying out the way of God's work is best for all of us.
That the fruit of my efforts pale in comparison to His.

And even though I am beautifully flawed, sometimes petal-less myself,
I am forgiven and well accepted at the foot of His mercy.

Join me on Monday, in etching the habit of seeking Him in the everyday life around us.


  1. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful I happened upon your blog!

  2. Me also...petal less myself...good, good word. Trusting our husbands to God, another great word..even after 30 years of marriage I am still learning.


Your kind words are a blessing to me. Thank you for taking the time to share your heart.