Gratitude Transformations

I've been meditating and really trying to dig in on the practice of living in gratitude. I've been curious to see just how far the blessing and joy of it might reach.
The stages have been like that of peeling away at an onion, going deeper - getting richer as it nears the core.

In the beginning it was one thing to count the obvious things I could be thankful for - the gifts and blessings abounding all around;
  1. my God
  2. my husband
  3. my child
  4. our home
  5. health
  6. love
  7. faith...
After awhile that began to feel a little trite and even a bit smug. And I prayed for God's guidance - that I might grow further along in this exercise. 
I was quickly exposed to another layer beneath the surface that brought focus to a level of things I should have been grateful for but rarely considered in a day;

  • lights
  • water
  • heat
  • clothes
  • hearing
  • seeing
  • walking
  • breathing...

These things made me conscious of a broken hurting world living without the luxuries I was taking for granted everyday. And it brought burning edges brimming with remorse and tears.  

Then Ann's new book arrived, and One Thousand Gifts brought on questions about my intentions and purpose for jotting down thanks in this brown spiral-bound book each day.
Reading Ann's experiences caused my heart to widen and my vision to focus on seeking and finding the beauty of Him in the otherwise perceived mundane of which I'd previously passed by in oblivion;

  • steady floating snow freckles closing space between sky and earth  
  • cold wind sounding against the walls of my morning tucked in a marriage bed warm
  • the steady ticking minute hand in early stillness
  • feet and soul that obey Him
  • streams of sunlight straight through eyes
  • warmth on still young hands
  • bright like His love
Then, last week Monday, I stumbled across Jenny, at A Minute Captured.
She didn't just write the things that she was grateful for. She wrote in between, in a tone of repentance, the things she complained about or begrudged during the week.
Her honest, humble, raw reflection made a connect in me. This is what I was doing "between the lines", only in my mind and never on paper. But to share it... this perspective didn't just make an account of His gifts, but could put a woman in check of her heart and attitude along the way.

And so Jenny brought me to consider giving thanks in the storms and even for the storms, as a means to an end for the in between flesh indulgences that the enemy feasts upon;

  • the deserved cold snap of winter in my face and the reality of my choices
  • a feeling heart to ache
  • his healthy lungs blowing into his recorder at 6:45am
  • his strong legs to stomp him up to his room for a time
  • that they found my mom's heart problem
  • repentant agony over hurting a sister
  • God's faithfulness to me even in my ignorance
  • that the trouble I'm in right now is not beyond God's will or power

I don't expect these layers to stop peeling away or for these transforming lessons to end soon. I want to take them all with me as I continue to give thanks in each of these different and valuable ways.  

Though I don't share in posts from my Gratitude Journal much anymore these Mondays, I slip in to quietly encourage and spur on the Thankfulness Journey, and to thank Ann for encouraging this movement. There is more to be discovered where ever He leads.

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  1. A wonderful reflection on the topic. I love how you put into words what you are grateful for. I always seem to have trouble finding the words to describe everything. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I love this transformation from simple to more deliberate words. Good job. Keep pressing in ward and as Ann says...gratitude is a heart condition. May our hearts grow deeper as our journey continues.

  3. Wow...thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. I’m here from Ann’s today.

    I heart how you are growing in this counting. Ann has done a special thing. I’m growing too. Iron sharpens iron – and yu are sharp – and I’ve learned from you today – thank you.

    God Bless and keep you and yours.

  5. Such a beautiful, thoughtful post. My list of gratitude has changed over the months too.
    And like you my perspective has been widened and my heart enlarged.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Lora~jumping over from Jenny's blog and love your post today...LOVE IT! I have started a gratitude journal as well but I need to start reading between the lines. I loved most of all your last list of thanks : ) Ann's book has been a gift...truly.

  7. Lora, thank you for such kind words. It's all Him and for His glory.

  8. A wonderful post! Ironic that we both were touched by Jenny's post last week. It deeply convicted me.
    And thanks for dropping by my *place*~it is always so nice to meet a fellow Lora. There aren't many, are there?:)

  9. **thank you** for sharing!

  10. Ah. If all is grace, then we should count it all, right? Good words. Thanks.

  11. "I've been meditating and really trying to dig in on the practice of living in gratitude. I've been curious to see just how far the blessing and joy of it might reach."

    You have just inspired me to get back into my meditation. Nothing beats turning to God for therapy :)


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