moving me

I was sitting at the table, having some unusual computer issues.
I sighed and half jokingly exasperated,

"what is going on in my life right now?"

Zeek, who was sitting at the far end of the table 
looked up at me and sweetly, gently reminded,

"God says, 'be thankful in every circumstance...'" 

And this has been a time when God has shown that to us.
Sowed that into our hearts.

First, what it looked like to be grateful.

And now, with the orphan and the widow (James1:27) in the forefront 
of our minds there is a different direction tugging.
In every decision. With every move we make.

There is a head-in-the-sand element to my lifestyle.

And I see His prints all over the pieces of our past few months.
I feel His writing on my skin.
I breathe the aftertaste of what He's been feeding us.

And we are heads moving.


Treat yourself to "a holy experience" and read
this woman on her journey of faith and love as she visits 
her sponsored daughter in Guatemala this week.

Read her past entries back to the post where
her nine year old son tried on (as a size reference) 
the pink dress his mother chose for his Guatemalan sister, Xiomara.

Her ministry is always moving me
away from sand and into Son.


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